Joining AAARTA

Benefits of Becoming an Academy Fellow

  • Ability to cross-refer cases throughout the United States and abroad to qualified adoption and/or assisted reproductive technology (“ART”) practitioners; 
  • Network via referrals and interactions with other practitioners in the field;
  • Ability to attend and present at “state of the art” CLE conferences and webinars;
  • Access to on-line Membership Directory to locate other adoption and ART practitioners;
  • Availability to the public and to adoption and/or ART agencies who look on-line for adoption and/or ART attorneys;
  • Enhanced website presence via Academy Directory that links the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and the American Academy of Assisted Reproduction Technology Attorneys websites; 
  • Ability to cross-link your own website to the on-line Academy Directories;
  • Confidence that the practitioners listed are sufficiently qualified in other states and countries to handle adoption and/or ART matters;
  • Coordination of legislative and public education efforts;
  • Coordination of legal research;
  • Notification via the listserv of recent developments and case decisions;
  • Ability to call upon the amicus committee for the Academy to take a position in cases on appeal;
  • Support and re-enforcement of ethical practices;
  • Built in body of adoption and ART “advisors” via the listserv and at comprehensive and substantive conferences;
  • Enhanced exposure of your practice through Academy outreach, marketing, and public relations; and
  • Growth of your practice through Academy networking

Information to Potential AAARTA Applicants

AAARTA is now accepting applications for membership in four categories: Regular (including International), Provisional (including International), Judicial and Honorary. The application materials are available to be downloaded from the bottom of this page and are self-explanatory. Anyone interested in applying for membership in AAARTA should complete the materials and send them as indicated in the directions for submission. The non-refundable application fee must be included with your application for Regular Member, Provisional and Honorary.  The application fee is waived for Judicial applicants.  Applications are subject to careful evaluation and review, and invitations to membership will be extended only after a due diligence investigation and approval by the Board of Trustees.

As you will see, AAARTA is and was started as an organization for existing, experienced ART attorneys rather than simply as a group of attorneys who had some interest in ART. We certainly wish to continue to bring in new members who have acquired the minimum level of expertise and experience required, or who otherwise have a unique connection to assisted reproductive technology law that will benefit the group as a whole. For all of us who have become members, it has been a great organization through which to solve common problems, work on legislative actions, and of course, share with and learn from each other. For those who do not yet meet these criteria, we encourage you to consider applying for Provisional Membership while you continue to develop in the practice.

The Provisional Member program enables lawyers with as little as three years practice and 25 diverse ART matters to apply for admission as Provisional Members. Benefits include reduced dues, eligibility to attend Academy Annual Conferences, participation in Academy committees, access to the Academy internet listserv, and access to the members-only section of the Academy website. However, there are significant restrictions on Provisional Membership. They may not advertise or otherwise hold themselves out as associated in any way with AAARTA unless and until they become Fellows, and they will not be listed in public print or website directories.

If you are committed to professionalism and compassion in an assisted reproductive technology law practice, we do hope to see you become a member as your experience permits!

Prospective applicants who have questions about AAARTA and/or the application process may contact Meryl Rosenberg, Membership Chair, at

The Academy By-laws set forth the membership categories and other information that should be reviewed prior to applying to the AAARTA.

Thank you.

Margaret "Peggy" Swain, Director and Nidhi Desai, Deputy Director
American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys


(Special Note To Those Applying to AAAA and AAARTA Simultaneously: When filling out the application, all three parts must be completed. The application fee is $150 per Academy for a total of $300. With regard to references, there must be a minimum of 5 for adoption and 5 for ART. However, if one reference can speak to the applicant's work in both areas, then that reference is acceptable as both an adoption and an ART reference. The reference should be instructed to speak on both areas in the questionnaire and submit to both membership chairs or to complete two separate questionnaires. Additional references must then be submitted for adoption and ART so that the total number of references speaking on adoption is 5 and the total number of references speaking on ART is 5. If necessary, a separate Reference page may be printed and included with your application.)

The appropriate Application may be completed online or printed for completion and mailing.